Success stories

Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc

Alfred Samson, Rodney Biggar and Brody Wells
Wabamun Lake, Wabamun

Weather you want to Fly like a superhero, swim like a dolphin, take a ride on a seadoo or relax on a boat, this new and exciting business Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc. is located at Wabamun Lake, Wabamun.

At Wabamun Watersport Rentals, their goal is and always will be the customer’s experience. From the moment you contact them, their priority is to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience, and to make sure that at the end of your lesson, you will tell your family and friends, and come back for more. They aim to give every person the experience of a lifetime. Whether you have been around water sports your whole life, or you have never swam in a lake before, they are always there to help and make sure you have the best experience possible. Anyone can have a great day on the lake and experience something they have never experienced before with Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc.

The business it locally owned and operated by Alfred Samson, Rodney Biggar and Brody Wells. This being Wabamun Flyboard Inc.’s 2nd year in business and the 4th year for the Flyboard to be out on the scene, we are very excited to see where the sport has come from and how it has been developing. With Flyboarding just making its way to the headlines they are eager to spend their summer teaching people about this new summer sport.

CFCR was able to help with initial start-up funding as well as business advice and coaching. With expansion in mind CFCR was able to help again with Wabamun Flyboard Inc.’s overall goal to expand into all water sport activates. They want everyone to be able to experience Wabamun Lake in the same way.

We are excited to see Wabamun Flyboard Inc. grow.

Zayfti Inc.

Karl Gartly
Head office is in Stony Plain, Alberta

Zayfti Inc. is a mobile first solution for companies dissatisfied with the inefficiency associated with paper or web based methods used to distribute, complete, transport, file, audit and store regulatory paperwork. Unlike other solutions that require technical expertise, Zayfti Inc. is a mobile first tool so simple that it increases employee productivity. Not only does Zayfti Inc. increases the amount and quality of data but they also provides a real time picture of the activities of people, assets, and sub-contractors that is used to cut costs, impress clients, build business intelligence and make money.

Zayfti Inc. is operated and owned by Karl Gartly and the Co-Founders are Ray Yip and Ray Belisle. The head office is located in Stony Plain, Alberta.

CFCR allowed Zayfti expand their service offering in Oil & Gas sector. CFCR lending allowed them to build out and complete a very successful trial in water and waste tracking. In technology, start-ups, there is very little to leverage. No equipment, no land, and as a start-up they didn’t have the revenue to secure traditional debt financing. With the help of CFCR Zayfti Inc. were able to continue the rapid development pace that is required in technology.

Zayfti Inc. are on track to grow at 500%+ per year for the next 3-5 years as companies are made aware of the ability to track people and maintain a seamless record of compliance based paperwork without the typical costs of paper, administration and operational time.

CFCR looks forward to seeing Zayfti Inc continue to grow and succeed as a small business.


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